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There are a multitude of mass media Christian ministries that span the globe today. Many of these ministries use messages and programming that are developed in the western world and simply translated into local languages. Often, even if translated, those messages do not touch the hearts of the people from other cultures because they are not contextually appropriate. The people often cannot relate to the examples and stories used, meaning the issues or problems they are dealing with are not appropriately addressed.

Lutheran Hour Ministries' global ministry model is different from most mass communications ministries. LHM uses locally established ministry centers to share the Gospel with people around the world more than 150 million times each week. Each ministry center is a center of operation placed in strategic locations around the world and staffed with local, indigenous staff members and volunteers who have a passion for sharing the Gospel and a willingness to proclaim it throughout their community.

LHM's programming and resources are created locally, ensuring maximum impact and accuracy of the message of the Gospel. Our staff members grew up speaking the languages they do outreach in and know the culture intimately as an insider. As local people, they are particularly well qualified to know how to communicate the Gospel effectively in their context. They understand the linguistic and cultural nuances that are essential to effective and accurate communication, especially when it comes to something as important as the life-transforming message of the Gospel.

Since the staff members are from that culture and understand the local needs, LHM can customize our outreach to the particular issues that people are facing and begin establishing a more personal relationship. By identifying, developing, and using resources in local languages that are culturally relevant and attractive, LHM staff seeks to proclaim the hope and salvation found in the Word of God by reaching out to people of all nations and building trust with those individuals to connect them in fellowship to a local Christian community.

In carrying out its mission statement of Bringing Christ to the Nations-and the Nations to the Church, LHM employs a variety of methods and programs. Learn about some of these approaches and the impact they are making on individuals around the world by visiting

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