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Recently, Thred, LHM's platform for digital outreach, has reviewed and refined its overall strategy with the desire to continuously serve and reach more people. The refined strategy is leading the Thred team to create podcasts, blogs, and micro-courses designed to equip Christians for more effective engagement in digital spiritual conversations. This thrust echoes its mission statement: "Inspiring and equipping every Christian to share their faith through winsome digital interactions that lead to meaningful spiritual conversations." Thred will target its content towards Christians primarily between the ages of 25 and 35.

Going forward the plan is to "create two to three seasons of podcasts each year, with each season having five to six episodes," according to Rachel Tichich, digital development manager. Podcast episodes will feature host Ken Chitwood, a scholar of culture and religion. Employing both an audio and video format, he will interview individuals recognizable to many in Christian culture. Topics will include spiritual identity, spiritual disciplines, digital evangelism, calling and purpose, and culture and faith.

Blogs will feature fresh editorial content with new pieces published about three times weekly. Making this happen is a cadre of contributors who put their able talents to good use by writing with clarity and perspective, addressing issues of relevance to those practicing the Christian faith in these heady times.

Micro-courses from Thred will be tailored to people eager to dig deeper into how they can improve their use of digital spaces to enhance their communication with others and gain a hearing to share the Gospel. These learning modules will feature clips from podcast recordings and insights from LHM's research and collaboration with Barna Group.

Thred's website redesign is being undertaken to better utilize SEO or "search engine optimization." In a nutshell, this means making a website more visible to people searching for products or services related to what a particular business or organization is about. In LHM's case, that would mean becoming more digitally visible to people querying about God, faith, Christianity, life issues, outreach, serving others, and similar topics.

"A lot of time and research has been put into this refined version of Thred, and we can't wait to share this new content with the world. We hope we can help people see their part in the Gospel narrative, feel empowered to integrate their faith into their digital experiences, and find ways to talk about their faith online," Tichich said.

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