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In Mongolia, it is common for families to return to the same area year over year to plant their crops or graze their animals. Sometimes, this leads to families making friends with other families that they see each year and get to know each other while they are living nearby. A family of LCMS missionaries living in Mongolia shared stories of the lasting impact made in the lives of some Mongolians.

Jonathan visited a Christian family who had moved out to a field for the summer. Jonathan showed them how they could have family devotions using a popular biblical children's resource that he and LHM-Mongolia staff frequently distribute to share the Gospel. While they were singing worship songs, the children's non-Christian uncle stopped by. He was interested in the song that praised Jesus and decided to stay for the Bible lesson to learn more about Jesus.

On another day, Jonathan was invited by an LHM-Mongolia staff member to meet a young family she had made friends with in an adjacent field while planting beets and carrots. She shared the Gospel message with her friends several times throughout their friendship, and through the power of God's Spirit, they became Christians. They listened eagerly to the Gospel and joyfully prayed with Jonathan when he visited. A Christian woman that Jonathan knows living nearby came over to visit with this young family. The LHM-Mongolia staff member and the woman agreed to continue meeting with this family of new believers during the summer. They planned to read the Bible and pray together to continue growing their faith.

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