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The staff at LHM-Guatemala hosted an Equipping the Saints (ETS) workshop based on Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age from LHM's study in partnership with Barna Group in North America. ETS evangelism workshops heighten volunteers' interest in witnessing and provide them with the practical tools they need to reach out to family, friends, and neighbors who need to hear the Gospel and experience God's love.

In March, the second part of the workshop on Spiritual Conversations began with a focus on the Spiritual Conversation Curve. Participants were given a brochure on how to talk about their faith, which is an introduction to the Curve. They were also given three Spiritual Conversations Curve cards that they can use to share their faith with non-Christians.

During these sessions, the Curve was discussed, and leaders shared how it is used. The participants saw how Jesus and the apostle Paul spoke with people in different ways, adapting their language to those they were speaking to without losing the meaning of the Gospel message.

Participants also learned about the different stages of conversations and how to assess if the person they are speaking with is unreceptive, receptive, or seeking. They can then gauge their words to adapt conversations to their "spiritual posture," keeping their faith discussions open and comfortable.

The members at the church where the workshop was held are grateful for the content and know how valuable the material is for personal evangelism.

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