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More than 38,000 students have experienced the Gospel Adventures: Zambia Bound program so far this year. In addition to learning about Zambia, students have raised $13,000 in support of the Global Kids Fund. Those donations will be used in our African ministry centers to buy school supplies for students and share Gospel resources with them!

Every year, in partnership with Group Publishing, Lutheran Hour Ministries takes grade school through middle school-aged children, and even some adults, on a week-long adventure. Gospel Adventures: Zambia Bound, an informative and interactive virtual learning experience, is complete with five days of FREE curriculum in two formats and bonus materials. 

Students are introduced to kids just like them living in another country who carry their faith with them through day-to-day life. They learn about the foods, animals, people, and places of Zambia, with Gospel Adventures.

Although many parents and teachers choose to take part in Gospel Adventures during National Lutheran Schools Week (NLSW) in January, the curriculum is flexible and can be incorporated into your schedule whenever is best for you. There is still time to register and complete this year's adventure as a group at school or at home. Even individuals can enjoy learning how God so loves the world with Gospel Adventures: Zambia Bound. Visit to sign up now!

Adventures with Zambia Bound
Pam Arguto, a teacher at Immanuel Lutheran School in Plainview, Minnesota, shared how her school participated in Gospel Adventures this year.

"Each morning during National Lutheran Schools' Week we meet as a school for 15-20 minutes for the 'lesson.' On most days we met we had kindergarteners through eighth-graders; a day or two we had preschoolers join us. In the second quarter of the school year (January-March), we collected our chapel offering for the Global Kids Fund. The students were reminded each week what the offering they brought would do for the children in Africa like those in Zambia that we saw in the videos.  

"The students really enjoyed two things about the program. First, is the music video. We used that music video each morning as the children took their seats. They would end up dancing and singing with the video, even after everyone was present. It was the best part of my day seeing everyone praising God! Second, the videos showing the children of Zambia doing their chores, getting water, going to school, and making their meals were eye opening to us all. From the little kindergarteners to the older students, they all were fascinated with the differences and the similarities between the children of Zambia and themselves. I teach fifth and sixth grade and occasionally we will put that music video on and dance and sing. I've even shown a couple of the videos again. The children definitely remember the water being the thing that is very similar to us all. Whether you get it from a faucet or walk for a mile to a river to get it, we all need it. It is a gift from God!

"On the Friday of NLSW we had "Grandparents' Day". This consisted of the grandparents joining the students for the daily Gospel Adventure video and lesson, the children singing the song to the grandparents, and "quizzing" the students of all ages about what we learned during the week of Gospel Adventures. The grandparents loved seeing the children answer the questions (and be the proud grandparent of a genius!) and experiencing the whole school participate in the dance and song with the Gospel Adventure video. It was a great day! It was a great WEEK! This is something we are looking forward to for next year's NLSW!" 

Bonus Materials: 
Don't forget to utilize the bonus materials included with your Gospel Adventures registration. Bonus materials include a middle school workbook to accompany the online experience, a printable coin bank template, coloring pages of maps, and more. To access the bonus materials, simply register for Zambia Bound and look for the "coloring pages" header on the curriculum page.

Join the Facebook Group!
Looking for examples of how other schools and homeschools incorporate Gospel Adventures into their programs? Join the Gospel Adventures Facebook group to connect with others and get inspiration for your next Gospel Adventure! Log into your Facebook account and search "Gospel Adventures" in the search field to find the group.

Gospel Adventures is Heading to India in 2023!
We are excited to share that Gospel Adventures is heading to India in 2023! Be on the lookout for more information in the coming months about Gospel Adventures: Celebrate India and how you can register your school, church, or home school. 

Did you know?

  • The capital of India is New Delhi.
  • India has 28 states and eight union territories. The difference between a state and a union territory is that a state has its own government. The union territory is governed directly by the federal government.
  • Indian art and architecture have always been heavily influenced by mythology and religion India is a huge country, and it has many different climates.
  • The number of people in India who use television, cell phones, or the internet is rapidly increasing.
  • The currency of India is the rupee.
  • In terms of industry, India produces chemicals, steel, cement, machinery, automobiles, software, and textiles. Telecommunications are a huge industry-India is the second-largest smartphone market in the world, after China.
  • India has the largest educational system in the world, with 1.5 million schools.
  • Getting clean water to drink and wash with is a challenge in some places. Tap water is not safe for drinking everywhere.
  • India is the second-largest country in the world when it comes to population, with an estimated 1,339,330,514 as of July 2021.

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