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Congregation name: First Immanuel Lutheran Church 
Location: Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Congregation size: Around 3,600 members 
Contact person: Karl Roeske

How does your congregation support LHM?
Each year, Lutheran Hour Ministries is included in our Mission of the Month offering, usually in January. During offering time in worship, we highlight the work of LHM, pray for the ministry, suggest ways members can use LHM materials, and point them to your comprehensive website!
To participate in Gospel Adventures, kindergarten through eighth grade students at our school meet each day during National Lutheran Schools Week in the sanctuary to "go" on the adventure. The children usually do some sort of coin crusade or other collection to help support not only the Global Kids Fund but LHM in general. As a reward for the students' efforts, our principal and/or pastors may end up being "slimed" or "silly stringed" in front of the student body. They are very good sports to help a great cause!

What was the motivation behind supporting LHM?
Lutheran Hour Ministries has a long, rich history of bringing Christ to the nations! We consider LHM to be a treasure within the LCMS and desire to support the various outreach efforts that it has developed. LHM has really expanded its outreach over the years, offering more materials and methods to different groups, making the ministry even more important than ever.

What has been your members' feedback? What do your members like about LHM?
Members appreciate the efforts of LHM to reach all people everywhere with Christ's message of hope. Different groups in our congregation use LHM's materials in Bible study and Christian fellowship. For example, our Men's Club incorporates the resources available to assist men's groups specifically, encouraging them to be Christian leaders in their family, community, and congregation. We also invite our members to take advantage of the Daily Devotions LHM sends via email and use the special devotions produced for Advent and Lent. We also make Project Connect booklets and other LHM materials available as outreach resources through the little libraries we have placed outside our two worship locations. May the Lord continue to bless Lutheran Hour Ministries!

If your congregation would like to learn more about ways to support LHM's mission, contact Robin Forsythe at or 314-317-4152. If you would like to make a gift of support to continue LHM's mission, visit

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