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Lutheran Hour Ministries has been growing its Ambassador program. Contributing to this outcome has been Suzie Sallee, LHM's community facilitator of congregations. Her work in recruiting service-minded volunteers from enthusiastic constituents has helped boost the number to more than 750 Ambassadors now engaged in congregations across North America-and 110 of these are new members!

One of these individuals is Pastor Blaise Sedney of St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Bel Air, Maryland ( He says, "St. Matthew's purpose is to share God's love with all that we have, that our loving Father has given to us." While new to the Ambassador fold, Sedney is not new to sharing LHM's wide variety of church-building tools and materials with his church's members and visitors, as a way of "sharing the resources God has blessed us with."

Sedney said, "I have been using LHM resources for my whole career as a pastor. The Project Connect booklets are a great tool for many different circumstances. I have used most of the Bible studies that you have put out over the years because they are well done. I believe that LHM is one of the best organizations that is making a difference both in the U.S. and around the world."   

Work by Sedney and so many others in congregations across the United States helps to energize, equip, and engage laity for outreach and in-church service. Quite simply, Ambassadors nurture a relationship between LHM and their congregation in order to share resources and help others use them. The work is fun and rewarding. Ambassadors receive a monthly email with new product and program info, in order to share these details with their home church. Ambassadors may help lead a Bible study or book study, order resources at a 20-percent discount, host an LHM Sunday, or stock display racks with topical or children's booklets.

Being an LHM Ambassador is being a "point person" for your church. You are on the frontline of all the new items LHM is producing each year. These include our recent Christ-centered, research-based tools on having spiritual conversations with others, enriching your neighborhood through love and Christian service, and exploring what your God-given gifts may be, along with a host of other resources, many of which are in Spanish.

To learn more about what an LHM Ambassador does, contact Suzie Sallee at 800-944-3450, ext. 4214 or via email at In Canada, call 800-555-6236 or email

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