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Lilian is 30 years old and suffers from depression. She has contemplated suicide in the past but said she never found the right opportunity to follow through on her thoughts. Lilian grew up in poverty and turned to prostitution to make money for herself. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, she has struggled with making ends meet and felt the pressures of life were too much to handle. She doesn't have an education and feels there is nothing for her to fall back on without trained skills. One day she was invited to a monthly fellowship hosted by LHM-Kenya. She was welcomed to the fellowship and was surprised by how understood she felt by the other attendees. She saw the love of God demonstrated through the kindness of the other individuals, which led her to want to learn about Jesus. She is currently attending counseling and continues to connect with staff members at LHM-Kenya who encourage her to continue growing in her newfound faith.

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