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Saing is 69 years old and practices a non-Christian religion. She has a physical labor job which is sometimes difficult for her, considering her health conditions and difficulty walking. When she was listening to the radio one day, she heard an LHM-Thailand radio program about relieving your worries. She began listening to the program regularly and after hearing the speaker talk about Jesus, she wanted to learn more about Him. One of the features of the radio program is for listeners to call in with prayer requests. Saing called in and asked the staff to pray for physical strength and also asked to sign up for their Bible Correspondence Courses. The LHM-Thailand staff connected her to a local church, where she began attending services and joined a Bible study. She is thankful for the encouraging program where she was able to hear the Good News of Jesus. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Saing became a Christian. She is preparing to get baptized and looks for opportunities to share the Gospel message with her friends and family. She looks forward to learning more about Jesus and growing in her newfound faith.

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