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Several LHM ministry centers use holistic outreach or proclamation programs as an effective way of demonstrating and telling people of the love of Christ. These programs have a comprehensive impact in reaching both body and soul as a ministry to the unchurched in word and deed where both physical and spiritual needs are addressed.

One of the newest holistic programs is taking place in Mongolia, where only three percent of the population has a bank savings account and around 90 percent have costly consumer loans. Since financial literacy is extremely low throughout the country, LHM-Mongolia has implemented Financial Alphabet Training as a way of helping both Christians and non-Christians manage their limited resources while also having a chance to hear about the Gospel through the training modules.

The purpose of this training is to provide financial education to families, youth, and single parents to teach them how to manage their finances wisely and sustainably. It encourages them to apply what they learn during the training into their daily lives to result in stronger families, in-depth financial knowledge, and a stable financial outlook where they can overcome debt and avoid a budgetary crisis. The weekly training sessions take place over two months and are focused on Christian perspectives regarding specific topics each time:

  • Personal Value: Helping attendees learn more about themselves, their values, the purpose of life, and the roles of a husband and wife within the family dynamic.
  • Ownership: Changing attitudes about money and presenting a financial picture from the past, present, and future.
  • Financial Pressures and Debt: Finding out how debt-relief plans, loans, and internships impact finances.
  • Giving: Explaining biblical reasons for giving and the importance and joy of giving to others.
  • Preservation: Learning how to protect yourself from risk in future investments.
  • Family Finance: Recognizing how dreams and daily practices affect income and expenses and learning how to make a budget to save money.
  • Pocket Money: Teaching children the correct financial principles from an early age, how to use pocket money efficiently, and the differences in wants and needs.
  • Summary: Tying information from each session together so attendees can apply what they learned moving forward.
After the training is completed, attendees are encouraged to continue meeting once a month to start a savings group where they review their family finances. In the future, they will potentially help each other learn how to start a business.

"So far the training has been very well received and it is becoming a good outreach tool for us," says the director of LHM-Mongolia.

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