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Congregation name: St. Peter Lutheran Church
Location: Dahlonega, GA
Congregation size: Around 60 members
Contact person: Pastor Michael

How does your congregation support LHM?
Our support includes prayers for LHM's work, financial support through our budgetary commitment, individual gifts from members, and the use of LHM's materials to help us share the love of Christ and His Word more fully and effectively.

What was the motivation behind supporting LHM?
We sponsor The Lutheran Hour over the local Christian radio station. It's another way to witness to our community. At the time of the Reformation, WCDG-FM welcomed me to provide guidance for people to read the entire New Testament in 95 days. We have used LHM's special devotional booklets for both the Advent and the Lenten seasons to reach out to prospects and friends of the congregation.

What has been your member's feedback? What do your members like about LHM?
Our members' feedback has been most positive. In addition to the Advent and Lenten devotions, many of our folks enjoy reading your devotions sent to them via email each day. I know I do! The Lutheran Layman newspaper includes encouraging articles for witnessing and serving and helps us know what is happening around the world. The Project Connect booklets help people respond to different challenges and opportunities in their lives. The workshops are most valuable in helping our members realize what it means to be the priesthood of all believers and the privilege we have of witnessing to our Lord wherever we may find ourselves, whether at home, in the neighborhood, at school, the workplace, sports field, or elsewhere. The ministry of LHM is most invaluable.

If your congregation would like to learn more about how you can support LHM's mission, contact Robin Forsythe at 314-317-4152 or If you would like to make a gift of support, visit

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