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With roots in the United States and families and careers that took them around the world, Clay and Nancy Goehring are no strangers to international ministry. Growing up, Nancy's father was a pastor and missionary. Nancy was born in Tampa, Florida, but spent 13 years living in Japan. Clay's father was also a pastor, and after living in New Mexico, he served as a pilot in the United States Navy for 24 years. The couple came together in Japan while Clay was stationed there, and Nancy and her family served as missionaries.

Clay rounded out his 40-year flying career as a flight instructor and air ambulance pilot. He now volunteers in a Christian thrift store two days a week. Nancy worked several years at an adoption agency and raised their three children. She has 13 years of experience volunteering with international students.

Together, Clay and Nancy enjoy hiking and spending time with their three children and 14 grandchildren. "Our family is our hobby," says Nancy. She uses her sewing skills to make quilts for charity, and Clay likes leatherwork and making leather goods.

They have always been familiar with LHM as Clay's dad was an active listener to The Lutheran Hour his whole life. "I remember as a kid we listened to The Lutheran Hour every Sunday," says Clay. Clay and Nancy would listen to The Lutheran Hour on Sundays in the car on the way to the early church service.

They recently became familiar with SAT-7, the first and largest Middle East and North African Christian satellite TV network, after they lived in the Middle East for two years while Clay was stationed there years ago. SAT-7's mission caught their eyes. They already had the heart to share the Gospel but living in a country where so many people are desperately searching for hope encouraged Nancy to further explore sharing the Good News of the Gospel with people living there. After discovering SAT-7, she was excited that Christians in the region could benefit from their programs.

This past Christmas, they received a letter from Ben Marriott, a Senior Ministry Advancement Counselor for LHM. They were thrilled to learn how LHM and SAT-7 are partnering together to share the Gospel with people in this area of the world who often face trials and hardships in their lives. Beyond the New Light talk show reaching young adults throughout the Middle East and North Africa on SAT-7's Arabic channel, LHM has expanded program support on the SAT-7 PARS channel to reach more Persian-speaking individuals in Central and South Asia. Hashtag is a weekly program focused on older children and youth where the host tells a Bible story and helps viewers apply lessons to their lives. In addition, the weekly Signal program addresses current issues for adults, with guest speakers, positive news stories, Bible study, music, and viewer testimonies included in each episode.

They immediately set up a visit with Ben, where he shared additional ministry updates and offered ways for the Goehrings to help LHM expand its ministry work.

After considering a few different gift options, Clay and Nancy decided they wanted to set up an endowment in honor of Clay's parents W.T. and Violet Goehring with LHM to continue LHM's mission for years to come. "We have previously set up an endowment with a seminary since our fathers were both pastors," says Clay. "Having that experience helped us decide to start an endowment with LHM versus another planned gift."

They shared that they would highly recommend starting an endowment with LHM. It was an easy process, and they loved working with Ben. "It was so good to meet Ben. He is an excellent representative of LHM and was so knowledgeable," says Nancy.

Giving through an endowment provides security and control to supporters. This type of gift sustains your ministry impact into the future while allowing you the freedom to determine how your contributions are used. Lutheran Hour Ministries receives the proceeds of the funds to use for ministry while the initial investment into the fund is protected for perpetuity.  

When endowments are established with The Lutheran Hour Ministries Foundation, you can elect to have the fund support specific areas of ministry or the area of greatest need.  

The best part of this type of gift is that as investments grow, the impact on ministry over time will far surpass your initial investment.

If you are interested in supporting LHM's global ministry through a planned gift, contact LHM's gift planning staff at 1-877-333-1963 or

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