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As COVID-19 restrictions are lifting in many parts of the United States, staff at LHM are eagerly getting back to many pre-pandemic routines, including attending, and presenting at conferences. The face-to-face interaction that comes from these events is a great way for LHM to share some of our new resources with others.

"Now that things are opening back up again, it is so important for LHM to participate in these events and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with attendees," says Nicole Heerlein, associate director of external relations. "We love meeting new people and seeing how our resources are being used in people's lives. One woman came up to me at one of the events and said she used the materials in her Households of Faith kit in her small group. She particularly enjoyed the Vibrant Conversation Decks and shared that she bought additional decks to place on tables as conversation starters at fellowship events that she hosted."

"LHM is truly blessed to participate in these important events, equipping a significant cross-section of the church with our resources while also sharing how we can support and partner with individuals, schools, and churches to accomplish our common mission in the future," says Jeff Craig-Meyer, LHM's senior vice president and chief strategy officer.

Here is a quick summary of some of the gatherings and events that LHM has been a part of so far this year.

Best Practices Ministry Conference
Phoenix, Arizona, February 17-19
Rev. Dr. Tony Cook, vice president of Global Ministries, and Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies, regional director for North America, engaged attendees at their sessions and LHM staff enjoyed conversations at our booth regarding our resources for sharing the Gospel and faith no matter where people are in their faith journey. Cook presented a session titled "We're Better Together" that served as an introduction to creating a collaborative network of people committed to improving neighborhood well-being. In addition, Cook highlighted LHM's three-step process that sparks action in your communities, based on our latest research with Barna Group.

Lakies' session titled "How NOT to Let Issues Prevent Relationships" offered a biblical vision for how to engage with others who think and believe differently than we do. Together workshop participants considered their own conversation habits, thought about their thinking, and let Jesus show them a better way. LHM shared booth space with the Rose Parade Petal Pushers at the conference which provided another tangible approach to connect how we share the Gospel around the world in a very visible way.

International Concordia Seminary St. Louis Students
St. Louis, Missouri, March 22
International students studying at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis visited LHM on March 22 to learn about our global ministry as well as our Barna resources, specifically Households of Faith. Cook shared about LHM's history as well as a look at future ministry plans. Each attendee took home a Households of Faith kit, and each child that attended received a goody bag of their own.

Lutheran School Administrator's Conference
Orlando, Florida, March 27-29
Cook provided a keynote on "Creating Classrooms of Hope" to 250 people at the Lutheran School Administrator's Conference. With his keynote, Cook aimed to encourage educators to work together with families to create Gospel-rich classrooms in light of current trends in the Church and world. Each keynote attendee received a copy of LHM's book The Spiritually Vibrant Home and the three corresponding Households of Faith Project Connect booklets. In addition, Lakies led a breakout session on "Confident Pluralism" and Ashley Bayless, director of production, led a breakout session on "The Welcoming School: Nurturing Faith through the Power of Hospitality." LHM had a significant booth presence at this event as well.

Concordia University Chicago DCE Students
St. Louis, Missouri, March 29
Rev. Dr. Jason Broge, senior director of design and development, and Rachel Tichich, digital development manager, met with DCE students from Concordia University Chicago. They shared how LHM can support them as they prepare to begin their ministry work. LHM gifted the students with Barna resources.

Concordia Seminary St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri, April 20
LHM had the recent privilege of honoring Concluding Students of Concordia Theological Seminary and Concordia Seminary St Louis. With the help of the Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas LLL Districts, LHM encouraged the new seminary graduates as they prepare to receive their first calls and remind them that we're here to help now and in the future. Pictured are Concluding Students of Concordia Seminary St. Louis, who requested and enjoyed beer and BBQ to celebrate their accomplishments.

Q Ideas Culture Summit
Nashville, Tennessee, April 28-29
During Q Idea's 16th annual Culture Summit, Cook presented on LHM's efforts on giftedness, based on research done in partnership with Barna Group. He shared how important it is to discover our gifts, especially in the "crisis of purpose" that we are living in right now. Our gifts are given to us by God and using them to help others honors Him. Cook reminded attendees that we all have a story and meaning in Jesus, and we can all work together to find our purpose. To discover your individual gifts, go to everygift.organd take the EveryGift Inventory.

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