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Maxi is 19 years old and lives with his mother and stepfather. After his parents separated, he continued to spend time with his father who is a Christian. Maxi was around his friends and classmates who were using drugs, so he decided to begin using them, too. His parents tried to discourage drug use, but Maxi rebelled from their advice. When his father passed away last year, an LHM-Paraguay staff member attended the funeral and offered to talk with Maxi and his mom. Several months later, Maxi's mom called the LHM-Paraguay office to ask someone to come to visit them at home. A staff member visited Maxi and his mother, and they talked about the struggles he has been facing. The next week Maxi went to the LHM-Paraguay ministry center for counseling and requested booklets on drug use. He wanted to start participating in church activities and was connected to a local church. Maxi is working on his relationship with his mother and is learning more about Jesus through the church programs.

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