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Lila is 45 years old and has struggled with alcohol addiction for 20 years while also being involved in prostitution. She felt discouraged with her life and had suicidal thoughts. She was not religious and had never attended church. One of her friends introduced her to LHM-Kenya and she was welcomed into a fellowship group through the ministry's Reaching Rahab holistic program. Lila wanted to learn more about Jesus and decided to take the steps to give up her addiction. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Lila became a Christian. After starting the vocational training through Reaching Rahab, Lila earned a certificate in knitting and banking. She applied the skills she learned to jobs that provide income for her and her family. Lila is now a role model for young women who join the holistic program. Lila is thankful for the LHM-Kenya team who encouraged and supported her during a difficult time in her life.

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