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There is tremendous opportunity to share God's love and reach out with the Gospel in Guatemala. LHM-Guatemala responds to the spiritual hunger across this Central American country through a variety of strategies, including its highly successful Project JOEL program that tackles tough topics for youth struggling with conflicting moral and social choices-from relationships to gangs to drugs-in an honest, relevant manner, rooted in God's love for them. Through its official recognition by the Guatemalan's government's Ministry of Education, LHM is allowed to bring the Gospel message into public and private schools through Project JOEL events.

While the pandemic has restricted the on-site presence of our ministry staff in schools, LHM-Guatemala has found new ways to reach out through digital means. As a result, more than 2,500 students have benefitted during this time through the Google classroom tool.

The ministry center's director and her team of a psychologist and digital design expert also created new topical digital materials for sharing, conducted seminars over Zoom, and led presentations on Facebook that reached audiences from children to the elderly, with specific themes for each presentation or resource.

One example was on the topic of suicide, which has increased rapidly among young people during the pandemic. According to the World Health Organization, 77 percent of suicides occur in low- and middle-income countries like Guatemala, where many people suffer in silence and are in great need of hearing the message of the Gospel that we share in Christ Jesus. A Facebook Live presentation, "Facing the Idea of Suicide," was well attended by youth and parents and included lively interaction with the presenters. Participants also received a special booklet on the topic.

Emilia was 13 years old when she participated in Project JOEL at her school several years ago. Last year she graduated from high school. During the pandemic she became depressed and found our online ad for the virtual seminar on suicide, which reconnected her to our ministry and to God and His love and mercy.

An important part of LHM-Guatemala's ministry to children and youth is including parents in the activities. LHM staff developed a series of six online workshops under the theme of "Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting." In addition to the content presented by Christian educators and psychologists to strengthen parenting skills, the message of the Gospel permeated the entire program, showing how God wants parents to educate their children according to His Word, in discipline, care, and love.

Christmas is always a special time for our ministry in Guatemala to touch people's lives with the unique message of the love of God in Christ. Two television stations aired at no cost the LHM specials dubbed in Spanish, El Pastorcito ("The Little Shepherd") and Botas Rojas Para Navidad ("Red Boots for Christmas"). These broadcasts provided a tremendous opportunity to reach millions with the message and meaning of Christmas, sharing Christ with Guatemalans and bringing them to the church by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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