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Working with individual Christians, congregations, and like-minded organizations are vital to expanding ministry. They allow Lutheran Hour Ministries to share the Gospel around the world with all who need to hear it by widening the networks through which we can share our programs and resources.

One of these ongoing relationships is with Lutheran Braille Workers (LBW), an organization founded in 1943 in response to a shortage of Braille Bibles for blind pastors in Germany. What initially was thought to be a one-off request for the development of a single German Braille Bible has turned into the world's largest non-profit producer of Braille, specialized large print, and audio Christian materials.

When LBW founder Helene Loewe Koehler received a letter from someone who had benefitted from the initial German Braille Bible, she wrote in her journal, "I think about how much time and effort went into producing one Braille Bible. How in the world can we keep up with demand? But if people are asking for the Gospel, how can we ever say no?"

Through the creation of a modern Braille press and the support of family and friends, local Ladies Aid Societies, and volunteers from various Lutheran churches, Koehler began expanding production of materials into other languages and titles. As production grew, demand also grew. Several years later, through the encouragement of The Lutheran Hour Speaker at the time, Rev. Dr. Oswald Hoffmann, Koehler expanded into large print production.

LBW currently produces approximately 150,000 volumes a year through the dedication of 3,000 volunteers in 115 production centers throughout the United States. To date, LBW has shipped more than 15 million volumes and millions of other pamphlets, calendars, and other materials, in almost 40 languages, to 164 countries. Thanks to the generosity of their volunteers and donors, every single volume of material has been distributed free of charge-leading to millions of people being reached with the Gospel through their efforts.

"Our mission is to provide all people in the world who are blind or visually impaired with free access to the Good News of Jesus Christ," says LBW Vice President of Ministry Advancement Daniel Jenkins. "More than 253 million people today are blind or visually impaired, of which 241 million of them are unchurched. This makes our materials a great resource for individuals who are often disconnected from God's Word.

Jenkins adds, "Our longstanding association with Lutheran Hour Ministries is extremely valuable since there is a close alignment between our organizations in wanting to share the Word of God with people in ways they can understand without it being a financial burden."

One of the popular LHM resources available through LBW are the weekly sermons from The Lutheran Hour. LBW began producing the sermons in Braille in 1951 and today produces and distributes almost 8,000 Braille sermons each month. One recipient from England wrote, "You have been supplying me with wonderful Braille materials for more than twenty years and I have used them to spread the story of God's love. Now my wife has gone to be with Jesus, and I am eighty years old, but that's not too old to work for the Lord. Moses started his work at eighty and Aaron at eighty-three, so I will keep working if you keep supplying. God bless you for making this possible."

In 1959, LBW expanded into large print production due to the substantial number of requests that LHM was receiving from elderly listeners who had poor vision but did not read Braille. These efforts continue today with more than 12,000 specialized large print sermons of The Lutheran Hour being produced and shipped each month on 14-point, glare reducing paper.

The Lutheran Hour sermons transcribed to Braille or available in large print are not only requested by individuals of all ages, but are often used by orphanages, schools, and churches around the world as Bible studies or worship services for people who are blind or visually impaired.

"I know when I read Jesus' name because I can feel His love travel up my arm and to my heart," says Tim, a 13-year-old from India.

"I was born blind and have never seen a person's face, not even my own parents' faces. But now I know, when I get to heaven, Jesus is the first face I will see," says Lucy, a 14-year-old from Mexico.
Other popular LHM resources offered by LBW are the library of Project Connect booklets in Braille, large print, and audio and The Journey Home Bible study lessons available in large print for prison inmates. LBW is also working with LHM to offer the seasonal devotions for Advent and Lent from the past five years.

"We are grateful for this ongoing relationship with LHM and look forward to exploring additional opportunities for working together to share the Gospel with even more people who are blind or visually impaired," says Jenkins.

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