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As the sun came out on the beautiful fall morning of October 4, 2021, around 120 excited golfers prepared to hit the course for the 29th annual St. Louis Zone Golf Classic at Westborough Country Club in St. Louis, Missouri.

Many of the golfers are faithful players each year, as well as some Concordia Seminary students that attend through sponsorship opportunities offered each year that allow them to play and stay for the program and dinner.

After golf, golfers and guests gathered for a dinner banquet led by the guest of honor, Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer, former Speaker of The Lutheran Hour and Speaker Emeritus. A live auction and awards ceremony rounded out the evening.

"This event is something we look forward to every year," says Melissa Bohlmann, associate director of shared services for LHM. "It is exciting to see how all the planning and preparation that goes into the event comes together for a full day of fun and fellowship that ultimately furthers LHM's mission. As 2022 marks our 30th anniversary of this event, we are looking forward to making this the best year yet." 

Over 29 years ago, the Lutheran Laymen's League-STL Zone golf tournament committee members joined together and created the tournament out of the desire for an event to raise money locally to support the mission of Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Each year, the golf tournament committee chooses a Lutheran Hour Ministries ministry or project to dedicate the proceeds to. This year, a record number of over $95,000, including a generous matching gift from The Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF), was raised to support LHM ministry projects. In the nearly 30 years that this tournament has been held, LHM has received around $850,000 that will continue our mission of Bringing Christ to the Nations-and the Nations to the Church.

"It was great opportunity to gather together as brothers and sisters in Christ to raise support for the mission and ministry of LHM," says Jeff Craig-Meyer, senior vice president and chief strategy officer for LHM.  "And, to have Dr. Dale Meyer provide uplifting remarks during the post golf dinner hour was a treat for everyone in attendance. Great day - great event!"

Special thank you to our sponsors, volunteers, and participants who help make this event possible.

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