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LHM-Paraguay organized a project where they deliver food, Bibles, and Christian booklets to family members of patients hospitalized by COVID-19. The family members anxiously wait at the hospital to visit their loved ones and get an update on their health. While delivering food and booklets at the hospital, LHM-Paraguay staff met a woman named Fatima. Fatima graciously accepted the food and shared how thankful she was for the gift. A few months later, when the staff members went back to drop off more food and booklets, they saw Fatima again, visiting another one of her family members. Fatima was filled with joy when she saw the LHM staff members and immediately began helping them with the distribution of booklets and Bibles. She was eager to help because she was so thankful to receive the food and booklets earlier in the year. Fatima has stayed connected with LHM-Paraguay who continue to share the Gospel message with individuals looking for hope.

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