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Lutheran senior care centers in a number of states are benefitting from a grant from Concordia Lutheran Ministries (CLM). The grant, which has been provided to Lutheran Hour Ministries, will place Project Connect display stands filled with topical booklets in locations where people are already struggling with life issues, which have been compounded by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project Connect booklets cover a wide variety of subjects in both English and Spanish. They offer Christ-centered words of spiritual comfort and hope on topics such as faith, relationships, anxiety, marriage, priorities, outreach, emotional issues, parenting, caregiving, and more. Booklets can be downloaded and printed for free, and many are available as MP3 files for easy listening.

As pandemic constraints gradually ease up, Project Connect resources are making their way to locations, but it's taken time. "It has been challenging since January 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions to distribute Project Connect displays and booklets to Lutheran senior care centers," said Lois Engfehr, LHM's grants manager. "We are extremely thankful for the grant and the opportunity to share our resources in these facilities," she added.

Because of this grant, LHM has so far distributed Project Connect display stands and booklets to 28 Lutheran senior care centers on the eastern seaboard, Ohio, and Florida, including various locations where Concordia Lutheran Ministries has facilities. Additionally, a number of Lutheran churches also helped distribute display stands and booklets to Lutheran senior care centers in their area.

"Getting Project Connect booklets into retirement communities and skilled nursing centers is an excellent use of this valuable LHM resource. Placed in these locations, they not only reach residents and staff, but they're also handy to visiting family and friends, who often have a lot of time on their hands," said Jennifer Prophete, director of community programming for LHM.

Concordia Lutheran Ministries of Cabot, Pennsylvania, is a ministry of service and caring with a 140-year history. Its Vision Statement, "Serving the Triune God by providing for the needs of His people," informs its day-to-day operations and motivates its employees in the care they provide. You can learn more about CLM by visiting its website at

To learn more about Project Connect booklets and the ways you can use them in your community, go to our website at There you will find the complete list of booklets, our illustrated kids' booklets, information on display stand options, our mobile app to access booklets anywhere, a helpful Q&A section, MP3 files, and more.

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