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Sudirman is a businessman in Malaysia and an active listener of LHM's "From Despair to Hope" radio program, a 15-minute broadcast in collaboration with Trans World Radio Asia that debuted this spring to bring hope, encouragement, and practical help to individuals in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore who are affected by COVID-19 through severe stress due to job loss, ill-health, financial issues, and isolation from family and friends.

He wrote a message to LHM-Malaysia staff describing that his business was just starting to do better after the initial spread of the COVID-19 pandemic when the new strain of the virus started spreading. He is searching for hope that his business will survive and that he will be able to cope during this difficult situation.

As a way to encourage individuals like Sudirman to have hope in Jesus, LHM-Malaysia partnered with Christian Businessmen's Fellowship and organized its first-ever Equipping the Saints (ETS) evangelism-training seminar called "Fulfilling the Great Commission." This event was designed to equip Christians to share the Gospel with others. Almost 300 people attended the virtual event on Zoom since in-person meetings are not permitted during the country's COVID-19 restrictions.

The guest speaker was Dato' Jui Meng Chua, the former Minister of Health of Malaysia. At the end of the message, LHM-Malaysia staff asked who wanted to volunteer to share the Gospel, and 58 people eagerly stepped forward. LHM-Malaysia staff praise the Lord for the success of this ETS and enthusiastic response.

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