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The Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) welcomed nearly 3,000 people to its convention in Lexington, Kentucky, June 24-27. As a partner in mission, LHM sent staff to lead two lunchtime presentations, host a reception, and share ministry information through its exhibit booth. Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, brought greetings from the main stage and hosted a special interest luncheon where he discussed LHM's holistic outreach programming in Cameroon that was funded by a grant awarded by the LWML at their 2019 convention. Sharing the Gospel through vocational training programs like the Divine Sewing School allows LHM-Cameroon to educate young women in a practical skill that helps them earn money to provide for their families. In addition to the training, women are enrolled in LHM's Bible Correspondence Courses to learn more about Jesus.

Ashley Bayless, LHM's curriculum development manager, led an information-gathering luncheon about the second part of our three-fold outreach philosophy, Households of Faith, that was developed in partnership with Barna Group. "Sharing with a room full of moms, grandmas, aunts, and sisters on how to nurture faith within their households was a huge honor," says Bayless. "I gave tangible ideas about instituting prayer, devotions, hospitality, and spiritual conversations to help them grow spiritually vibrant homes. Lots of women came to the booth afterwards to grab our 30 Days of Household Devotions booklet and joined our 30-day challenge!"

The exhibit booth allowed attendees to learn more about the two lunch-time topics as well as other LHM ministry efforts around the world. The booth featured stories and photos of women impacted by the mission grant, displayed clothing items created by students from the Divine Sewing School, and offered a photo opportunity inside the "I'm Building a Household of Faith" display. Giveaway items included glowing globe pens, prayer wallets, Project Connect booklets for kids and adults, and informational materials.

"Visitors to our booth loved seeing what our Households of Faith resources have to offer and picking up our kids' booklets to encourage faith-sharing with their grandkids," says Nicole Heerlein, associate director of strategic engagement for LHM. "Those who had their photo taken in the 'household' will also be able to relive the experience of building a spiritually vibrant home by being reminded to apply spiritual disciplines, extend hospitality, and engage in spiritual conversations."

New Grant Supports Ministry in Mongolia

During the convention, LHM was one of 28 recipients to receive a mission grant for the 2021-2023 biennium. The LWML accepted LHM's mission grant titled "Gospel Outreach to Women and Children in Mongolia" in the amount of $100,000. Mongolia is a country that is less than one percent Christian, and the people traditionally come from very poor nomadic populations where they have little opportunity to hear the Gospel. The women face many challenges due to the economic situation, unemployment, alcoholism, and general religious apathy among the male population. These concerns are prevalent because of their historic roles within society, prejudice, education, language barriers, and other issues. Fortunately, Mongolia's political climate today provides LHM with new opportunities to expand ministry in the region. This grant will help LHM focus on three areas:

* Sharing the Gospel with women and their children who participate in monthly Women's Listener groups after hearing our Christian radio programs. The women study the Bible, pray, do handicrafts, and share their faith. LHM
staff also help them to build their identities as women in the modern world, assisting with vocation, child-rearing, communication skills, and self-identity. The women receive Christian booklets, Bible studies, radios and MP3 players with the Bible and Gospel messages and the children receive a special Bible story and activity booklets about Jesus.

* Reaching and engaging families and youth through youth activities and social media presence. Some of the youth activities include a youth camp with Bible studies, games, and crafts. The Good News of Jesus is also shared at youth athletic camps where participants are encouraged in the faith.

* Through religious radio broadcasts, family members and relatives are impacted by the Gospel in their homes. LHM has the media expertise to ensure the Gospel message is brought to a region where the population has not heard the Gospel. Family-oriented Christian programming is produced and broadcast by LHM and Christian resources are being distributed including Bible studies and booklets.

"We are extremely grateful for the continued partnership of the LWML," says LHM President & CEO Kurt Buchholz. "It is a true blessing to be able to come together in mission to share God's Word with those who have not heard it."

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