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Adele was a recent student in LHM-Cameroon's sewing school program for at-risk young women. Adele had come from a broken home and had one toddler child. Two months into the course, she found herself pregnant with a second child. Ashamed of herself and feeling that she had let down the other young women and teachers, she sadly said she was going to give up and quit the course.

Imagine her surprise when her fellow students and our LHM staff instead encouraged her. They helped her see that we are all sinners and desire to change, but that true change can come only when we are saved through faith in Jesus. Only He can make us righteous, so we have little room to judge or condemn one another. She was overwhelmed with gratitude and continued her studies.

In March, Adele graduated from LHM's sewing school. A week later, she and the father of her baby were married. She now professes faith and gives thanks to her friends at LHM-Cameroon that supported and uplifted her and helped her turn her life around. In fact, she now considers LHM to be her family.

At Adele's wedding, she was surrounded by friends from the course and many of our LHM staff. Nearly every piece of clothing in the ceremony, including her dress and her husband's suit, was designed, cut, and handmade by the young students in our LHM training center! We praise God for using our organization in such a way to make His Name known and to transform lives around the world.

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