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Linnet is 25 years old and has been working as a prostitute for 10 years. She has had bad experiences with her job and feels like she has not made the amount of money she thought she would after 10 years. Because of her frustrations, she became depressed and turned to alcohol and drugs to cover her shame. She avoided religion because her job had made her afraid of being judged. Linnet's friend connected her to LHM-Kenya and encouraged her to attend the monthly meetings where women in similar situations are counseled and supported in Christian fellowship. Linnet was hesitant, but eventually agreed to attend. She felt a warm welcome from everyone at the meeting and quickly became active in the ministry's Reaching Rahab program that shares the Gospel through vocational training programs and allows LHM to educate young women in a practical skill that helps them earn money to provide for their families. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Linnet became a Christian. She became persistent in her new faith and left prostitution. She was worried about providing for her family without income, but soon connected to someone who helped her find a job. Linnet is continuing to grow in her faith and is thankful for the LHM-Kenya staff members.

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