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As of June 14, Lutheran Hour Ministries launched its latest podcast, The (Im)partial Church. Hosted by Rev. Dr. Gerard Bolling and his sister Deaconess and Professor Janine Bolling, their weekly conversations are a lively exchange on culture, diversity, communication, race, and the Christian faith. And that's just the first four podcasts! Funny, insightful, Christ-centered, and focused on how we can bridge the differences that divide us, the Bollings bring meaty stuff to the table for listeners to enjoy and grow from.

So far, Gerard and Janine have discussed how God has been active in His creation from the beginning; this theme was featured in their first podcast. They followed this up with an in-depth look at the story about Ruth and Naomi in the biblical book of Ruth. Turning their attention to language, the Bollings discuss the power of words in our relationships; next they examine some of the ways Jesus communicated with others, speaking the truth in love.

These podcasts are ideal to listen to in groups, too. The points raised by the Bollings, and their special way of sharing them, will spark conversations that last long after the podcast is over. Seeing things from a different angle is what Gerard and Janine are especially adept at. Their life experiences, education, and wide-ranging work within church and community all contribute to the obvious joy they have in sharing their perspectives and serving the body of Christ.

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