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Gospel Adventures: Thailand Trek is a FREE resource available to schools, churches, homeschools, and anyone else ready for some excitement this summer. It's a fun-packed, fact-filled, five-day festival of learning that's full of intrigue and surprise. This online exploration is perfect for anyone interested in finding out more about this captivating country.

Thailand Trek learners will come away discovering new things about the culture of the Thai people. Student adventures in Thailand take place through short articles, videos, maps, colorful graphs, hands-on activities, eye-catching charts, identification boxes, questions for discussion, and more. These components work together to highlight the country's people groups, ways of living, religion, economy, culture and customs, government, language, history, and other features that make Thailand a unique country full of surprises.

Student takeaways include a better understanding of the world's size and diversity as exhibited through Thai culture and its intriguing people—95 percent of whom are Buddhist. With this knowledge, students and teachers will gain a fresh appreciation of the mission of the Gospel in their own lives and see how God works in the lives of people who are far away, yet surprisingly similar to us in many ways.

For sure, this only scratches the surface of what this FREE five-day online experience holds for learners. To register, or to download a sample containing Day 1, go to the website for all the details. You can do this by clicking here.

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