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For more than 100 years, Lutheran Hour Ministries has been blessed to bring the hope of Jesus to individuals around the world, especially during unprecedented times. Through culturally relevant materials and programs, LHM shares the hopeful Gospel message in more than 60 countries.

In addition to LHM spreading hope around the world, #HOPEABOUNDS in the communities right where we live. Take a look at some stories from our generous supporters who shared how they see that #HOPEABOUNDS in their daily lives.

#HOPEABOUNDS for me when I read my Bible and then write in my journal. 1 Peter 5:7 says, "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." There are so many reasons for anxiety right now. But Jesus tells us to cast all our anxiety on Him because He cares for us. Jesus' love is so personal. Jesus is talking to every one of us, and I'm so glad He left this message of hope for us. When I read this first Peter verse, my imagination took hold of me. I saw myself sitting on the bank of a river casting my fishing pole into the water with an anxiety or fear on the hook instead of fishing bait. Jesus is standing in the middle of the river and He catches every one of my fears and anxieties that I cast to Him. I can hear Him say, "Ok, I got that one. I'll take care of it," each time he catches the line. I can feel the anxiety leave me as Jesus takes every one of my cares upon Himself. I feel hope spread over me. My load of anxiety is gone. I am free again. - Doris from Nebraska

#HOPEABOUNDS as my siblings and I are comforted at the loss of our dad by the kind words of love and support from our friends and neighbors. - Susy from Missouri

My #HOPEABOUNDS every day when I open my eyes and can thank my Lord for this beautiful day that He has made no matter the weather. My #HOPEABOUNDS when I confess my sins and my Lord forgives me for Jesus' sake. My #HOPEABOUNDS when I read His Word, when I go to church and hear from my pastor about Jesus' love for me and all sinners, that love that Jesus bought and paid for on the cross for you and me, free of debt! I am humbled by His sacrifice for me, a poor miserable sinner, that the sinless Son of God, my Savior paid my horrendous debt! - Shirley from Texas

#HOPEABOUNDS by seeing a baby smile; all the possibilities become clear again. - Christine from Ohio

#HOPEABOUNDS for me every morning as I read God's Word and receive His grace and mercy in forgiveness! Praise and honor be to God our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! - James from Florida

#HOPEABOUNDS for me when I can be outside in the sunshine, working with my gardens. We can count on the seasons to change because God is in control! - Elaine from Iowa

#HOPEABOUNDS when my husband, Tim, and I do the LHM Daily Devotions together. It brings us closer to God and to each other when we share this time and faith. - Jeri from Kansas

#HOPEABOUNDS in me when I read the Psalms. - Robert from Kentucky

#HOPEABOUNDS daily with my sharing the LHM daily devotions and The Lutheran Hour sermons. Some of my recipients share these emails with others who really enjoy them. - Kenneth from Texas

#HOPEABOUNDS for me because I am blessed with wonderful friends, family and work I love. I get to allow God to work in my life daily to be a light in the darkness. - Diane from California

#HOPEABOUNDS when there is reconciliation & forgiveness in a family. - Darlene from Minnesota

#HOPEABOUNDS for me when I recall my confirmation text (Isaiah 54:10), which reads "For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but my steadfast love shall not depart from you, and my covenant of peace (kindness) shall not be removed, says the Lord, who has compassion on you." - Paul from Indiana

We want to hear from YOU. How do you see that #HOPEABOUNDS in YOUR life? To see more ways LHM spreads hope around the world and to share YOUR story, visit

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