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Three Project Connect booklets addressing stress, loss, and how to help a child have a relationship with God are coming soon-in Spanish! All three provide sound wisdom on these important topics.

Adiós al estrés (Goodbye Stress) Unfortunately, stress is common in life today, and the cause of difficulties and even diseases. This booklet explains what stress is, how it affects our lives-and those around us-and what its causes are. It examines the ways we deal with stress, and offers positive ways to control it.

Cómo enfrentar las pérdidas (How to Deal with Losses) For those going through a loss, don´t lose hope! This booklet can help you understand the processes triggered by a major loss. You will find helpful counsel for moving forward through your loss and overcoming it.

Cómo ayudar a tu hijo: a tener una relación con Dios (How to Help Your Child: Helping Your Child Have a Relationship with God) This Barna-based booklet will help parents and grandparents nurture a child's relationship with God by developing three spiritually nurturing daily habits. These habits are examined and examples given for putting them into practice.

In the United States, Project Connect booklets like these can be of great help to Spanish speakers as they seek to face life's challenges in a Christ-centered way. While many Hispanic families have lived in the U.S. for generations, many others face the challenges that come from recent immigration. According to LHM Hispanic Coordinator for North America Beatriz Hoppe, some young Hispanics must navigate their parents' immigrant culture while themselves being born and raised in the U.S. Among the daily challenges they face are problems stemming from the family's immigrant status; different treatment as a result of language, accent, or skin color; financial pressures; and struggles as older and younger generations seek to understand each other in their families.

Resources like Project Connect booklets, while many are available online, are still the kind of resource that work best in people's hands. Hoppe said using a PC display stand which features several booklet topics in one location is great for this. She recommended placing "booklets in places frequented by Hispanics, like grocery stores, schools, hospitals, and doctors' offices. Send booklets to a Hispanic mission. Hold classes for parents based on some of these booklets, while offering tutoring or other activities for their kids. Add kids' booklets to school backpacks."

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