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As a way to help you understand your neighborhood better and become an agent for positive change within it, Lutheran Hour Ministries is offering its Better Together Kit. This box of resources will energize the neighborly connections you make and empower you to see your neighborhood in fresh and exciting ways. Drawing on Barna Group research, this kit offers strategies on helping your neighborhood flourish and thrive, using the gifts it already has.

The Better Together Kit's three main texts are loaded with practical ideas to pursue the common good right where you live. Revealing personal interest stories, ample Scripture references, and numerous suggestions and things to do make these texts something you'll want to keep handy and refer to time and again. In the monograph, Better Together: How Christians Can Be a Welcome Influence in Their Neighborhoods, you'll find commentary and detailed analysis of the significant data. In The Hopeful Neighborhood: What Happens When Christians Pursue the Common Good, LHM's Content Development Manager Don Everts helps readers discover how they can empower their neighborhood in ways that benefit everyone. Likewise, in The Hopeful Neighborhood Field Guide: Six Sessions of Pursuing the Common Good Right Where You live by Everts and Tony Cook, executive director of LHM's Hopeful Neighborhood Project (HNP), you'll find additional content for neighborhood impact and transformation.

The Better Together Kit includes two Project Connect booklets, too: Love Thy Neighborhood: Rediscovering the Power of Sharing the Gospel with Our Deeds and Everyone Is a Gift: Letting God Transform How You See People, both by Everts. For the kids, there are two colorful booklets. These are illustrated by graphic artist Masaru Horie and written by Suzie Sallee, LHM's community facilitator for congregations. They are Precious in His Sight and I Love My Neighborhood! Rounding out the kit's contents is Neighborhood Bingo, a fun way to engage your neighbors and get to know them—and your neighborhood—better.

A key resource for those seeking a hopeful neighborhood transformation is LHM's Hopeful Neighborhood Project. To learn more about this, click here for videos, bios, stories, and more. According to its website, "The Hopeful Neighborhood Project is a collaborative network committed to improving neighborhood well-being around the world. Our resources and online network equip and encourage neighbors to work together, using their gifts and the gifts of their community, to pursue the common good of their neighborhood."

To get your own Better Together Kit for $37, visit LHM's storefront. Simply click here and see what a difference you can make in your neighborhood.

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