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Lutheran Hour Ministries is taking its popular 30 Days of Household Devotions, written by Dr. Kari Vo, and offering it as a month-long challenge to your small group, or family, during the month of May.

The goal is a modest one: to have those who lead a study group, or even a family group, encourage their members to meet virtually or in-person for a time of daily devotions, each day in May. Group leaders will receive an LHM mug as well as devotion booklets (all FREE) for each member in their group. Following a simple online sign-up, materials will be shipped around mid-April.

You can sign up by clicking here.

LHM's 30 Days of Household Devotions is a perfect way to begin a regular time of studying God's Word. These inspirational messages will inspire your faith and give you and your group much to think about. Each message is followed by three reflection questions so participants can share their thoughts on each devotion. Each booklet opens with some helpful thoughts on doing devotions, too, supplied by Dr. Vo.

Most importantly, the 30 Days of Devotions Challenge is a way to help participants establish a regular habit of reading God's Word. If you miss a day, don't give up! Just get back into it the next day. For assistance in getting your group going or for any other help, please call Suzie Sallee at 314-317-4214, or email her at

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