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*Disclaimer: I currently do not identify with any specific religion. You could say I'm spiritual, but not religious. I'm a curious person. Especially when it comes to religion. When I think about Christianity, I tend to obsess over the same question: "If Jesus was alive today, how would He position Himself?"

This might seem like a weird question, until you get to know me.

I've been helping others brand and position their ideas, businesses, and themselves, for my entire professional career. I'm always dissecting the most effective way for someone to communicate their value to someone else who may want what they have.

When I think back to my childhood, I vaguely remember passages from my children's Bible (with pictures, of course) recounting Jesus as an outsider who wasn't necessarily understood until the end of His life.

This sounds like every misunderstood genius who was posthumously recognized for their contribution to humanity. Think Vincent Van Gogh or Emily Dickinson.

So, this is where my curiosity piques. "If Jesus were alive in today's world, how would He deliver His intended message to His followers?"

 Would He go the life/business coach route and create an online empire of endless e-books that share the "10 Steps to Success" using Christianity?

 Or, would He decide to be a lone wolf and freelance, converting followers one by one as He works remotely from coffee shops all over the world?

 How about going for broke, establishing Himself as Jesus Christ, Inc., and launching a franchise of McDonald's-esque pop-up churches that successfully systematize the Bible so He could pay anyone minimum wage to share it with others?

 Would He try and dazzle potential investors by pitching the next "Snapchat for miracles" claiming He was going to "disrupt the religious ecosystem by offering a more pleasant user experience for millennials who don't believe in God?"

Regardless of His chosen business entity, it's safe to say Jesus would inevitably have to face today's challenges head on while capturing the attention of His followers. Here are a few ways He could grow His community in today's world.

Music Festivals: Watch out, Bonnaroo! Jesus is coming, and He's bringing His posse. If you think Chance the Rapper puts on a good show, just wait until Jesus rolls up with His opening act, Kanye West! After all, anyone with a song called "Jesus Walks" has to be down for a Christ-like music collab.

Reality TV: Real Sinners of Orange County? Keeping Up with the Corinthians? Praying with the Stars? Pick your poison. You wouldn't be able to turn the channel without seeing a "real-life" depiction of what it's like being the Big Man Himself. What better way to amass an audience than to show what happens when Jesus stops being nice and starts being real?

Social Media: Snapchat would obviously have to be part of His social media strategy, especially among His younger potential customers. Imagine receiving a Snap-storm of Jesus performing miracles among His followers at the nearby Starbucks? You better believe that would go viral.

Sponsorships: Personally, I could see brand alignment with Jesus and Red Bull. Who wouldn't want to see Jesus parting the Indian Ocean while base jumping off Mount Kilimanjaro, all while chugging Red Bull?! Once again, another opportunity to reach the masses.

Vlogging: With daily vlogs becoming more popular on YouTube, would Jesus build a team around His daily exploits? His video crew would follow Him wherever He goes, from Nazareth to Narnia, capturing the daily grind.

Webinars: What better way to reach a large audience than to spam the internet with the next series of webinars that will change your life and help you reach your dreams (for the low price of $299)? Tony Robbins doesn't have anything on Mr. Christ.

These are just a few channels Jesus would have to conquer in order to compete for attention in today's hustle and bustle. How do you think Jesus would spread the good word today?

Written by William Frazier

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