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The 2021 winter issue of The Lutheran Layman is full of all the things going on at Lutheran Hour Ministries. The lead story is "Beaming the Light of Christ Through Satellite Television." It offers an in-depth look at LHM's ongoing partnership with SAT-7, the largest Middle East and North African satellite TV network. You'll read about new weekly programs being produced, how Persian-speaking children are being reached with the Good News, and how television is the perfect medium to connect with this vast audience.

Other items of interest include LHM's 2020 annual ministry report which highlights how the Gospel continues to go forth around the world, even in these uncertain times. Supplementing this is a look at some fascinating changed-life stories from people who are encountering the Gospel in some faraway places. You can read a piece on LHM's popular Lenten devotions, The Marks of Love, which are again written by Dr. Kari Vo. Looking for some ways to support LHM financially? Layman Editor Chad Fix shares some creative approaches to make this happen as part of your overall financial plan. This issue also includes part four of the Nurturing Your Faith: Seeking Forgiveness Bible study. For those interested in online learning, three short interactive courses were released from LHM Learn in 2021. And to kick off LHM's Hopeful Neighborhood Project (HNP), there's a glimpse at what's in the Better Together kit. Also, on a sad note, we remember LHM's former Executive Director Bruce Wurdeman who died on November 21, 2020. Bruce, as many of you know, was a gifted leader. Comments from a number of colleagues who worked with Bruce over the years plainly show how much he meant to them.

Heartfelt words from the childhood of Lutheran Hour Speaker Rev. Mike Zeigler begin this issue. You'll also hear from Dr. Kurt Senske, chairman of the Int'l LLL Board of Directors, and Kurt Buchholz, president and CEO of LHM, as they speak to LHM's global reach, and the hope we have in God, respectively.

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