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Thida is 29 years old and volunteers at the local COVID-19 center to support the medical team. After two weeks of volunteering, she was infected with COVID-19 and admitted to the hospital. Among the 200 volunteers, she was the only volunteer to get the virus. She was worried that she would die and was having trouble sleeping. She had previously been connected to the LHM-Myanmar staff and formed a relationship with the ministry center director. She called the director when she found out she had the virus and told her how afraid she was. The director shared the Gospel message with her and Thida was encouraged. Now, whenever she is afraid or worried, Thida calls the director asking for prayer. Thida said when she listens to the ministry center director's prayers on the phone, she feels peaceful. Since being released from the hospital, Thida returned to her volunteer work and sees the power of God's Spirit working in her life.

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