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Alex is 33 years old and previously worked as a farmer. He was looking for ways to make money quickly, so he joined a group of people who raided homes in his neighborhood. He was caught by the authorities and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He has never been religious and grew up thinking religion was only for weak individuals. While in prison, Alex was introduced to LHM-Kenya through their prison ministry team and he says he enrolled in their Bible Correspondence Courses* (BCC) as a way for him to pass time. As he studied the Bible and worked through the BCC lessons, he discovered he was living a sinful life and needed to change. Through the power of God's Spirit, Alex became a Christian. He is now reading his Bible regularly and growing in his faith.

*Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) are Bible-based studies that enable people of all ages, faiths, and educational levels to explore the Bible's teachings and the Christian faith from the security and comfort of their own homes.

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