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News flash! Social media is an excellent way to connect people and their ideas with other people and their ideas. And in this, LHM's THRED is no exception. The idea behind THRED is for visitors to "join an open and honest conversation with people of all backgrounds about life, faith, and Jesus." It's a place where you can share your point of view, respond to others, and come away rejuvenated by the exchange.

A worthwhile goal? We think so.

In a world where discourse can get overheated and sides are drawn for the slimmest of reasons, THRED strives to be an informed—and level-headed—place where ideas are shared and welcomed. In this, THRED offers a Christian perspective open to all kinds of different ways of looking at things.

At THRED, you'll find a vibrant online space for people to interact and share their thoughts on everything from society and culture to Jesus, faith, and spirituality. It's where conversations take place among people who differ in perspective but who share an interest in learning more about others and the world around them.

At the THRED website, there are loads of articles dealing with relationships, community, society, God, Christianity, and other intriguing items. There's also a nice collection of video viewpoints on how to make the most of living with the continued hassle of COVID-19. These and all THRED content can be accessed by clicking here.

On a lighter note, look at the latest THRED "check in" here. With Valentine's Day still fresh on our minds, this one's all about what we look for in relationships. You can listen to Rachel and Jon discuss this by clicking here and going to THRED's Facebook page.

We look forward to you joining us at THRED where your voice matters.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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