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Through partnering with a local church, LHM-Mexico is reaching individuals by sharing food and the Gospel message. Project Bread, a holistic support program was created to give to the community through freshly made meals along with a biblical message.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals would gather in the church, receive a plate of food, and listen to a message from the church pastor. Due to health recommendations by the local government, LHM-Mexico and the church adapted the program by moving the food distribution table outside and prepackaging all the meals, creating a "take-out" style process. Volunteers and participating individuals wear facemasks and hand sanitizer is available to maintain a safe environment.

A group of volunteers, from the Santísima Trinidad Lutheran Church, in Matamoros, prepare fresh meals each week as a line forms outside the church of people ready to pick up their food package. When people get to the distribution table, they are greeted by Pastor Omar Garza, who invites them to the worship services and shares in a personal conversation with them. In addition to the freshly made meal, individuals are given a printed Bible message each week. They can then take the message home and share the Good News with their friends and family.

Each week, over 100 individuals come to the church to receive a meal and Bible message. Project Bread has been a relief to the community especially during the pandemic when individuals have been affected financially. As more people hear about this program, the number of volunteers increases. Individuals look forward to the program each week and are grateful for the food assistance.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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