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For years, Lutheran Hour Ministries has been producing Project Connect booklets. These handy, little volumes cover subjects like Jesus, faith, marriage, forgiveness, raising children, prayer, divorce, comebacks, the Bible, outreach, and a whole lot more. You can see all the titles available by clicking here.

Written by pastors, certified church workers, counseling specialists, and other subject professionals, Project Connect booklets are ideal for reading in hand, listening to on your laptop or mobile device, and making available to others. In this respect, think about where people gather: waiting rooms, offices, schools, counseling centers, community halls, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

You can get the helpful word out in a couple ways: LHM has a standing, 3-tier, rotating, 24-pocket display and a compact easy-to-use tabletop or countertop display for purchase. You can get the details and answers to your questions by clicking here.

If you prefer to call us before ordering, you can reach us at 800-944-3450 x 4210 or send an e-mail to Nancy Kellerhals at for more information.

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