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These days it's good to hear people engage in healthy, civil conversations, isn't it? That's what you'll find at "Speaking of Jesus." It's an LHM podcast that complements the weekly message delivered on The Lutheran Hour.

"Speaking of Jesus" features Lutheran Hour Speaker Rev. Dr. Mike Zeigler and program Producer Jessica Bordeleau. Both, along with their weekly guests, discuss a weekly theme and other issues. Together they offer challenging and off-the-cuff views on how their faith in Jesus impacts their lives and relationships. Recent programs have zeroed in on optimism, circumstances that were over-the-top, the power of testimonials, and coming-of-age transitions.

"Speaking of Jesus" is a terrific resource for your family to use together as well. Participants' viewpoints offer excellent jumping-off places to ignite in-house talk among those in your household. You can pause the podcast, take a few minutes to reflect on the online discussion questions, and then jump back in! "Speaking of Jesus" is unscripted, but the dialogue is focused and on point.

You can find the "Speaking of Jesus" podcast by clicking here.

One way to help others in their faith-walk is to share resources that are meaningful to them. You can do that with LHM's other podcasts such as Daily Devotions, Sentido Latino, Para el Camino (our two Spanish-language podcasts), and others. You can find them all by clicking here.

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