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Viviane grew up in a non-Christian household. As she got older, her friends encouraged her to enroll in Bible Correspondence Courses* offered through LHM-Madagascar. She continued to study the Bible, joined a local church, and became a Christian. For years, Viviane told her dad, Jaosoary, about Christianity and wanted him to have a relationship with God. Her dad had never believed in Jesus, but Viviane kept talking to him about her Christian faith. Recently, Jaosoary got very sick and was admitted to the hospital. Viviane asked her dad if he would like to be baptized and he quickly said yes and told Viviane to go get the local pastor. Jaosoary was baptized in the hospital, minutes before he passed away. Viviane is thankful for LHM-Madagascar and hopes others will know that God hears our prayers.

*Bible Correspondence Courses are Bible-based studies that enable people of all ages, faiths and educational levels to explore the Bible's teachings and the Christian faith from the security and comfort of their own homes.

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