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Online workshops from LHM are a great way to bring a study group together in a focused learning environment. Two workshops, Eager Conversationalists and The Spiritual Conversation Curve can be viewed as a recorded session online. It's also possible to schedule a "live" online workshop for your group, with an LHM host presenting the material.

Eager Conversationalists is hosted by Rev. Dr. Jason Broge, director of design and development for LHM. It introduces a self-evaluation tool, the EAGER Profile Inventory. It gives workshop participants a chance to assess their readiness to have spiritual conversations. From this evaluation, learners come away with a better understanding on how to share their faith.

The Spiritual Conversation Curve is hosted by LHM's Content Manager Don Everts. Using the pocket-sized Spiritual Conversation Curve Card, he explains how to evaluate someone's spiritual posture as "unreceptive," "receptive," or "seeking," in respect to Gospel receptivity. With this simple awareness, one can gauge their words more carefully, keeping the conversation easy-going and comfortable.

You can request a "live" virtual workshop date and time for either of these workshops by clicking here.

Both workshops can be downloaded for free by clicking here. You'll also find many other Barna-based resources here, too.

The workshops can also be purchased as a DVD at the LHM storefront by clicking here.

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