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There's nothing like a small gesture of kindness to make the holidays a little more special. This year, from November 1 through the end of December 2020, the Men's NetWork is encouraging you to find little opportunities to bless others as you give back by paying it forward.

Sound difficult? It's not.

Showing goodwill to a stranger is easy. Here are a few suggestions: paying for someone's coffee; sending Christmas cards anonymously to neighbors with a crisp $5 bill inside; tipping drive-thru employees and handing them a copy of LHM's Advent devotions; dropping off some baked treats to a mom who's got her hands full with kids doing school at home.

Or you can do something right from home: you can leave a copy at your front door of LHM's 30 Days of Household Devotions booklet (cost: $1 each) with a note for each person who makes a drop-off at your house—the Amazon or FedEx driver; grocery store delivery person; the teenager who's bringing the pizzas. Put a copy in your mailbox with a note for your mail-person, too.

It doesn't take much to put a smile on someone's face. A quick act of generosity will do the trick. You can pay the toll for the car behind you; leave some quarters in a washer or dryer at your local laundromat with a friendly note; or send some Christmas cards (goodies optional, but welcome) to our troops.

So that's it! A little gesture during the holidays to jump start someone's day who may be glum or who's forgotten how special Thanksgiving and Christmas really are.

Check back at the Men's NetWork website in the next couple of weeks for all the details!

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