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The long, unwelcome stay of COVID-19 has proven one thing: we can get a lot of good work done online. At THRED, LHM's social media website, its Digital Conversation Team (DCT) is helping those who are exploring issues of faith and asking spiritual questions.

THRED is also looking for volunteers to help in this effort.

You can begin this process by taking the Digital Conversation Pledge. You can find this by clicking here. Those making the pledge are saying that "I recognize that how I use my digital voice matters. I want to use my unique voice in a way that pleases God, lifts others up, and makes a real difference in this world."

Following a pledge, the folks at THRED will send that person a daily e-mail for seven days. "After that, I'll drop them a personal e-mail introducing them to the mission of the DCT," said Rachel Legouté, manager of digital development for LHM. "They're invited to fill out an application for the DCT if they so choose. We have had good luck in finding DCT members this way."

A key ingredient to being a DCT member is empathy and a genuine desire to help others. "Great DCT members love talking to people, even those they've never met. They also don't mind taking a little extra time each week to answer a post sent to them through THRED."

It's an excellent way to use some time each week (and your computer) to serve others.

For those exploring THRED for the first time, there are articles and vlogs (video logs) on faith, society, relationships, community, God, Christianity, and other items of interest. You can access the whole package by clicking here.

Stop by and visit us at THRED. Your Voice (Really Does) Matter.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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