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Ever wondered what other people think about hidden motives, fear, commonality, or villains? At "Speaking of Jesus," an LHM podcast that supports and supplements The Lutheran Hour's weekly message, you're in for some fascinating points of view.

Host Lutheran Hour Speaker Rev. Dr. Mike Zeigler and Producer Jessica Bordeleau convene with guests each week, discussing topics ranging from know-how and dysfunctional families to scars and mentors. It's a chance to hear others speak from the heart on matters of life and faith—and because it's a podcast, you can listen in—anytime, anyplace.

"Speaking of Jesus" is an excellent resource for your family to use together, too. Participants' viewpoints provide jumping-off places to ignite your own in-house conversations. You can pause the podcast, take a few minutes to reflect on the online discussion questions, and then jump back in! "Speaking of Jesus" is unscripted, but the dialogue is focused and on point.

You can find the podcast by clicking here.

One way to help others in their faith-walk is to share resources that are meaningful to you. You can do that with LHM's other podcasts such as Action in Ministry, Daily Devotions, Sentido Latino, Para el Camino (our two Spanish-language podcasts), and others. You can find them all by clicking here.

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