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Zhanargul is a wife and mother of two children who lives in Kazakhstan. She has worked in a café and her husband has been employed as a security guard. They both recently lost their jobs from restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Since they had to spend most of their government aid on their house rental, they often had no money left over for food.

While they both practice a non-Christian religion, an LHM-Kazakhstan volunteer visited them during the pandemic to provide them with some food. During the visit, the volunteer also shared the Gospel and provided some Christian materials. Zhanargul was curious about the Gospel message the LHM volunteer had shared and said she wanted to take their kids to local church services once the local quarantine guidelines are lifted. She has regularly been in touch with the volunteer since the visit and is very interested in learning more about Christianity and growing her faith.

Because of COVID-19, Kan has been out of work from his fabric shop and is unsure about the future of his industry. He also practices a non-Christian religion but heard an LHM-Myanmar radio advertisement one day. The ad was about booklets produced by LHM and since Kan loves to read, he was interested in learning more about them. He called the LHM-Myanmar office to set up a time to come in and pick up some of the materials. When he got there, he saw the wide variety of Christian materials and asked to take a bunch home. An LHM-Myanmar staff member regularly follows up with him and he is learning more about Christianity each day.

Manamhaan is a 50-year-old mother whose husband died last year. She is not working now because of the pandemic, so LHM-Mongolia staff members took her some basic supplies like flour, coal, and an immunity booster. While delivering the supplies, they shared the Gospel and prayed with her. They also gave her an audio Bible to listen to while she is at home. After visiting with LHM staff, she was filled with joy and brought to tears. She said she wants to start going to church, but they are not open because of the pandemic. LHM-Mongolia staff has connected her to a church member so they can pray together and help her continue to grow her faith.

Amid COVID-19, people like Zhanargul, Kan, and Manamhaan are desperately searching for hope and peace. Hearts are hurting-and many people who previously did not know Christ are open to hearing about the Gospel. This makes Lutheran Hour Ministries' mission to share the Good News of Jesus Christ even more urgent since individuals around the world, both non-Christian and Christian, need to hear Christ's messages of hope, comfort, and love now more than ever.

Comforting Resources for an Unprecedented Time
From The Lutheran Hour broadcast, devotions, video messages of encouragement, and topical courses/booklets in North America to radio/television broadcasts, Bible Correspondence Courses, social media, text messaging, and much more internationally, LHM's global ministry model allows us to continue sharing the Gospel without interruption.

"Lutheran Hour Ministries has been such a blessing during this ongoing virus," says Bunny Haugan, a long-time listener from Harrington, Washington. "Normal church services are just a memory that hopefully will be modified shortly. Thank God for The Lutheran Hour on Sunday mornings to keep us anchored in God's Word!"

"Thank you so very much for your excellent videos these past few months," says Gretchen Mauritz of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. "They speak directly to my sadness so well and provide some encouragement for these difficult times. I have forwarded them to my family members and friends more than once. Keep up your wonderful work!"

LHM Ambassador John Gisclon of Ashland, Oregon, shares that when he served in Vietnam, he would often tune into The Lutheran Hour to find comfort through the messages while isolated in the war environment. He feels like this pandemic is similar to his time in Vietnam since people have been isolated in their homes. These uncertain times make him eager to share the Gospel, so he contacted LHM about adding a link to The Lutheran Hour onto his church's website so congregation members living in areas where access to the radio broadcasts is difficult would still be comforted.

In many mass mailings to current Center for Hispanic Studies' students and Hispanic-Latino pastors and deaconesses, Professor Mark Kempff has shared the Spanish-language resources available on LHM's Para el Camino website. "Many of them have responded by indicating the usefulness of these resources, not only for personal use, but to be shared with their congregations," says Kempff, the assistant to the director and an instructor for the Center.

"Because of this worldwide pandemic, online activity has exploded, allowing for these men and women to send the resources along to many other friends and family-not only in the United States, but Latin America and Europe as well. I don't think we will ever know the true impact this has had, for only Jesus and the work of His Spirit knows where the Gospel is shared among the nations through these resources."

Christ's Love Protects and Provides
As restrictions regarding the pandemic began to be lifted in Liberia, LHM staff there reached out to individuals asking what role faith has played in their lives during these uncertain times. Stephen is a 42-year-old nurse who spent most of his life as a nonbeliever until he encountered LHM-Liberia staff. Stephen heard the Gospel message and used LHM's materials to nurture his faith. He knows that God has kept him safe while treating patients and he continues to grow his relationship with God.

Simon is an LHM-Madagascar volunteer who works full-time as a street vendor selling spices. During the pandemic, people stopped shopping at his stand because they are only buying essentials. He has struggled making ends meet to provide for his family. Even though he was struggling financially, Simon has never stopped sharing the Gospel with people whom he came in contact. He trusts that God will provide for him during this time and shares that hope with other people he meets.

Spread Hope in Your Own Community
Even in uncertain times, we know that #HopeAbounds. Because of your generous support, we share Christ's hope all around the world with people who need to hear this message now more than ever. Now, with your gift of $25 or more, we will send you two LHM #HopeAbounds face masks to help spread hope throughout your own community. Visit to show your support and receive your face masks while supplies last.

How does hope abound in your life? Send your stories to for possible use in an upcoming issue of The Lutheran Layman or other LHM communications. Once you receive your face masks, don't forget to show us how you are spreading the hope! Post a selfie wearing your mask using #HopeAbounds on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Thank you for your support as we work together to reach a lost and fearful world with His love.

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