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As we celebrate Jesus' birth this Christmas, there's no better time to explore what His coming means for us, and the world. With the oft-told story of Jesus in a manger, comes a rush of familiar images: a village serenely lit by candles and starlight, half-slumbering shepherds in a field, a baby lying in a wooden trough. In God with Us, we recall that while the first Christmas scene is often shown as quaint and idyllic, in truth it's the most explosive event in history.

Written by Dr. Kari Vo, God with Us takes the reader through the familiar pages of the Christmas story, mining it to fresh depths. From the beginning, Vo shows how God is with us. In "Who Are Your People?" she writes how God works through us-broken human beings, "the high and the low"-to accomplish His divine purposes. In "Enemies," she writes how God works alongside us, reminding us that "Because we are in His hands, we don't have to be afraid." And in "Sunrise," she writes how God works for us, giving us "the full knowledge of how Jesus has saved us, laying down His life for us, and then sharing His resurrection life with us even now."

As the Christmas season is a time of giving, we invite you to do the same-pass these devotions along to those you care about: neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family. You can print out a copy for others, you can send them to the websites below for more information, or you can email them a PDF copy with info for listening online.

You can also read God with Us or hear it as a podcast. During the Advent season, you can receive these devotions as a daily email, beginning Sunday, November 29. You can access a downloadable version, which includes a large-font text and bulletin inserts, beginning Thursday, October 1. Audio begins on November 29 with Rev. Dr. Tony Cook, LHM's vice president of Global Ministries, reading the devotions. Visit for all the details.

Dios con nosotros, the Spanish-language version, will be available to read online or to receive as a daily email through the Advent season beginning Sunday, November 29. Audio will also begin on November 29 with Rev. Hector Hoppe reading the texts. The print version will be available for download starting Thursday, October 1. Visit for all the details.

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