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How's your Scripture study going these days? Has social distancing kept you from church or your small-group Bible study? While details concerning COVID-19's impact vary with each day's news cycle, one thing's for sure: you can continue growing in God's Word with LHM Learn courses.

To help you do that, two new Christian Foundation courses are now available They are Embracing the Whole Gospel and Nurturing Your Faith: Called. Both are ideal for personal use or group study (you can use video conferencing platforms such as Zoom to bring your group together).

Embracing the Whole Gospel is a revision of a previous course, What Is the Gospel?, with new content bridging to the course, Eager to Share: The DNA of Eager Conversationalists. "These changes will increase learner interactivity and support their embrace of the whole Gospel," said LHM host and Instructional Designer Chris Macky. The course's aim is to get at the heart of the Gospel-"the message that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world," he added.

In Embracing the Whole Gospel, you'll hear others answer the question, "What is the Gospel?" This query is critical for each of us. Why? Because often the reply may verge on a Jesus-and kind of response where something is added (good works, rituals and traditions, etc.) to Christ's once-and-for-all-time-sufficient work on the cross. Downloadable resources for Embracing the Whole Gospel include a printable journal, discussion guide, video transcript, and tip sheet for use with small groups.

Nurturing Your Faith: Called is a four-session course focusing on God's calling us into the body of Christ by faith. It's hosted by Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler, Speaker for The Lutheran Hour. Through a focus on Paul's letter to the Ephesians, learners will see how they are called- by God, to faith, to others, and to share. As God calls and revives us through His Word, Baptism, Holy Communion, and the witness of others, we are then to take His message to others.

Each session of Nurturing Your Faith: Called features three distinct sections highlighting aspects of what God's calling means. Three questions for each section allow learners to comment on content and record their thoughts. Course resources for Nurturing Your Faith: Called include a printable journal, discussion guide, video transcript, and tip sheet for use with small groups.

All LHM Learn courses are FREE and require only a quick registration to use. During this time of COVID, three courses you can take without registration are available at

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