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In the second Nurturing Your Faith Bible study, Called, learners consider four ways in which God's Spirit moves in their lives. Drawing us in faith to Himself by the Holy Spirit, we are then prompted to reach out to others, sharing the Good News of Jesus through our words and deeds.

This Bible study includes four sessions: Called by God, Called to Faith, Called to Others, and Called to Share. It comes with a printable discussion guide for use at home which is ideal for individual or group use. Throughout the study, each session offers numerous supporting Scriptures, three sections of questions, and a closing prayer. Sessions are introduced by Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler, Speaker for The Lutheran Hour.

Nurturing Your Faith Bible studies are a great way to expand your knowledge of Scripture while adding truths and insights to benefit your faith life. During this time of stay-at-home living, you can use these studies by yourself, or you can work through them in a group. They're ideal for bringing people in your household together to study God's Word!

You can check out this Bible study online, along with the many other resources of the Men's NetWork, by clicking here.

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