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Judy Rink, director of parish education and family life ministry at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Elmhurst, Illinois, has known of Lutheran Hour Ministries and our materials for quite a while. Her congregation has used Lenten devotions for many years and her own family receives the daily devotions via email. She shares her story below about learning of Households of Faith and then incorporating the resources into their congregational programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I found out about the Households of Faith program at the Best Practices conference in Phoenix in February 2020. My pastor and I attended one of the sessions and I was excited to win a Households of Faith kit. I thought it was fitting to work to educate our members as to the importance of developing spiritual disciplines in the home when we began sheltering in place during the pandemic. My background is in family life ministry so I know the importance of faith-building in the home and was excited to be able to use the Households of Faith materials. Through various avenues of communication, I shared statistics and the importance of building faith in the home. The magnet notepads were made available for pick up at our church to allow our members to have a visual reminder of setting some simple goals for building spiritual disciplines within their household during the pandemic."

"Since accessing materials was difficult during the pandemic, connecting our members to your downloadable materials was simple and effective. Through our website, links were provided for the 30 Days of Household Devotions, the daily emailed LHM devotions, the children's booklets, and faith sharing questions. I also had some printed Household devotions that could be picked up along with the magnet notepads. I had other faith-building resources available in addition to the LHM resources. I find the LHM resources doctrinally sound, relevant, and easily accessible. I used some of the information in the books from the kit to help educate members about the importance of spiritual disciplines in the home."

"I see Households of Faith being a longer-term initiative and have continued to highlight it regularly in our communications. The prayer is that there will be a time that specific households are more open to the idea of prioritizing spiritual disciplines. So I continue to pray, educate, and communicate about these resources. Thank you to LHM for developing these wonderful resources and making them available to our congregations!"

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