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Alexey has grown up in the church since he was 10 years old, but his faith was recently tested when he started a new career. He participated in an LHM-Russia Bible Correspondence Course* (BCC) where they were using some of the Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age (SCDA) materials have been translated into Russian. He said after reading those materials, his spiritual questions were answered. The SCDA materials helped him better understand the Christian faith and the trinity, which was something he was unsure of before he began delving into the BCC lessons. Alexey said his faith is stronger than ever and he now has a deep desire to attend church. He liked that the materials were presented in a clear way that he could easily understand. He is thankful for the courses and plans to continue growing his faith and building a stronger relationship with God.

*Bible Correspondence Courses are Bible-based studies that enable people of all ages, faiths and educational levels to explore the Bible's teachings and the Christian faith from the security and comfort of their own homes.

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