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Myo is 65 years old and works as a merchant. He practices a non-Christian religion but has many Christian friends. His 28-year-old son graduated college and suffers with depression. Myo doesn't want people to know his son has depression and is afraid of what people might say if they found out. He also doesn't want to have to send his son to a mental hospital either. One day, he heard an LHM-Myanmar radio spot where the hosts offered LHM booklets discussing depression. Myo called the ministry center and asked for the address so he could come by to pick up the booklets. He said even though he is not a Christian, he knows the booklets will help his son because Christians are humble and kind. The LHM-Myanmar staff is praying that the booklets will provide comfort and hope for Myo and his son and open doors for them to learn more about the Lord.

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